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Marc Andreessen famously said that software is eating the world. Software now touches every part of our lives, from mobile phones to music to the car we drive and the books we read. As more and more people have the power of a supercomputer in their pocket with an aways on connection to the internet the opportunity for developing software has never been more exciting.

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What We Develop

These are some of the things we think about for new software products

  • Mobile Only

    The center of gravity for anything new is now firmly mobile. Even while sitting at a desktop people will use their mobile phone because it is easier.

  • User Centric

    Products that put the user first and fill a real need. Does it make my life easier, does it save me money, why will I use it.

  • Community

    Is there an element of community where the product gets better as more people use it. Does it help satisfy the innate human desire to be part of a community.

  • Use Daily

    Is this something I will use daily or multiple times per day. If not I am likely to forget about it.

  • Unique

    Is the idea brand new or do people already use something else. Why will I switch.

  • Emotion

    Is this something users will feel an emotional attachment to. If I like it will I tell my friends.

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